About Ultimate Mini Racing

Ultimate Mini Racing is a new for 2024 race series, aiming to provide a home for a wide range of classic Mini race cars. The series aims to address the difficulty in finding a series that:

  • is cost effective
  • provides fair competition through an appropriate class system
  • has sufficiently flexible regulations to meet a wide array of machinery

As such, the series hopes to provide a friendly home for all classic Mini’s ranging from early, stock historics, through to contemporary space frame 400 horse power monsters, and everything between.

During its initial phase, the series will look to share grids with other compatible series/clubs which will ensure costs are kept to a minimum, whilst also providing well attended grids to maximise competition. The first races will therefore be organised in partnership with The Classic Sports Car Club, with the opportunity to also join forces with CNC Heads Sports/Saloon Car Championship. The series will additionally be built around the needs/preferences of its members and so we are eager for input as to where and with whom our members would like to race.

With this approach, we believe that we can assemble a calendar with at least four double headed weekends per year, making for a minimum of eight races per season.